ljm_textlogo-03If you are interested in learning how beneficial, economical and budget-friendly these services are, please visit the contact page and proceed to call or e-mail me today.

  • Initial Consultation – Each client will have a design plan that they can choose to implement themselves or have me do.
  • Open House Preparation/Staging* – How to make your home attractive to potential buyers.
  • Move-in Services* – Using your previous home’s furnishings and accessories to create a well-designed new one.
  • Furniture Repurposing & Remixing* – Taking your existing furnishings and maximizing them to get the most out of your living space by recovering, painting, color-coordinating, reupholstering, rearranging and more.
  • Organizing and De-cluttering* – How to pare down and store yet keep things accessible and usable.
  • Color Consultation – Help choosing a better or new color palette

*fees range according to the job not by the hour

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