My family loved it!. So did my neighbor and she took your card. She’s like me, hates to decorate


We finally got the media room painted and the red and gold colors look great. Hanging the posters lower is a huge improvement. We also ordered a black wood corner TV cabinet that will look nicer and raise the TV up a little higher. I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

L. Bartnik

Hi Laura Jeanne:
We love our living room redesign. I look forward to the window treatment suggestions and rug suggestions. I hope you will include where to buy; I think you said you were.
We appreciate the new look. Take care.


Thanks, Laura and George! 🙂
I am very happy so far with what you have done for me, and appreciate all the “behind the scenes” work that you do for clients such as myself 🙂 It’s getting harder and harder to make decisions, and I wanted to say how very pleased I am with the decisions YOU made for my bedroom dressers/night-tables and the lamps that go with them so well, etc. You sure DO have the “touch” for putting things together to blend and balance them! 🙂
I look forward to working with you for the “final touches”

Joe Dierkes

Thank you and yes Rosemary was out here and she said that the place looks like a home and not just a place to live. You did a very good job. And strangely enough she made a comment about not having a full length mirror 🙂 … She loved the pictures and ABSOLUTLY fell in love with the bedroom design (as you and I had hoped). Also the curtain designs with the vertical blinds she also liked. So thank you for your hard work. I could not have made my transition this pleasant without your services… Please feel free to use me/us as a referral for your business.


I’m having fun and its good for John to have a project too. (using their given design plan ideas)

P. Snow

Thank you so much for your design input. You took our thoughts and blended them with a lot of your ideas. The end result Is a much warmer and comfortable home. Our Great Room, Dining Room and Kitchen all complement each other now. We couldn’t be happier. We have and will continue to recommend you to others. Thank you again; we are enjoying our “new” home.

Chuck and Jane Colvin

I must tell you that I am really enjoying having your assistance. I told Bob yesterday that I was actually starting to get excited about all the changes….and I was looking forward to letting go of some of the things that I have had for the past 40 years ;). He is also looking at this as a new beginning. But, we both enjoy having you as our “referee” as it makes it easier for us to let go of things. (combining two households with opposite décor)

Jan H.

We had a holiday party with some folks who hadn’t seen the house since last year (before you worked your magic) and got TONS of compliments on how much more “put together” the place looked

Betty B

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